Driftwood is beautiful in any form. There is something so easy and breezy about it that can make a room feel naturally effortless.

Over the summer when my family came to visit, we took them to Lake Jordan nearby. Lake Jordan is supposed to have one of the highest (or the highest?) concentration of Eagles in North Carolina. Could you imagine a better way to spend a Saturday morning? We couldn’t either! We did end up seeing a few eagles, although they were pretty far away. But what I got out of the day, were these beautiful driftwood branches. I collected about 5 good sized ones, and put them in my truck where they lived for the next four months! haha. John thought I was a big wierdo for keeping them.

Recently we upgraded our apartment (from 600 sq feet to 1000!), and I dug out these driftwood branches because I had a perfect spot for them (finally!). It actually looks like I went and bought these sticks, but nope! I love free!

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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